Concrete Flooring Options For Your Home

When a product is popular for years on end it is usually for a very good reason. With concrete floors this is very true. Concrete is long lasting and almost indestructible. You won’t find it molding, rotting, or being eaten up by pesky bugs like termites. It is also impervious to damage by water and is easy to take care of. Really, the only two draw backs that people complain about are the ugly, grey color and the feeling of coldness on bare feet. But with new advances in concrete floor coatings both these problems can be alleviated.

The first step to improving on this great floor option is to decide what type of covering you are interested in. This decision will most likely be driven by the ultimate use of the space as some POR34 options are better for certain activities than others are. This is an example of where “form follows function.” This means you decide what the area will be used for and then you choose a product that will fit in with that usage.

Most people looking for solutions to cover concrete floors are interested in renovating their basement. They decide they have this great space that nobody uses because of the floor. If you are in this boat then there are many options you can choose from to make the floor look better and function for your family.

One very popular floor covering is carpet. If you plan to use this method then be sure the floor is sealed well with a concrete sealer. Carpet and laminates can be damaged if moisture collects on the concrete surface and underneath these coverings. To check for moisture problems, lay a clear plastic sheet over the floor and tape it around the sides. Let is set for a few days and see if any moisture forms on the underside. If you have moisture then you will need to deal with this issue first.

Another popular basement coating is concrete paints. A latex paint can be used but it will not stand up to much traffic. If you plan to use the space a lot then you should look into an acrylic or an epoxy. Epoxy floor coatings are easy to apply, last a long time, and can be tinted to offer any color under the rainbow. If you opt for this option, whether you paint with a latex, acrylic, or epoxy, be sure to apply an anti-slip additive to the top after the paint has been rolled out. These coatings can become very slick and dangerous when they get wet so adding more traction is important.

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